Extended Commutation Cell

Date posted: 10 December, 2015

The extended commutation cell is a four-port, fourswitch cell that allows for bidirectional energy transport in two orthogonal directions throughout the cell. By cascading multiple cells a multilevel converter can be constructed with a high number of levels. The voltage across each cell capacitor can be adjusted independently of the load, resulting in high flexibility in output levels. This paper presents an improved method for capacitor voltage control, based on a system model and the measured output current. The proposed method is analyzed and verified on a 4.4 kW eight-level dc-ac converter. The obtained reduction in capacitor voltage ripple is more than 75%.

Extended Commutation Cell

3d printing

Date posted: 9 December, 2013

Currently we are testing 3d printing to produce internal technical parts for prototypes. Our 3d printer is able to print ABS and PLA.

LPI pump tester

Date posted: 14 September, 2012

We have developed an LPI (Liquid Propane Injection) pump tester for the automotive industry. The LPI pumps are tested against propane flow, pressure and power dissipation.

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Automated production test of LiFe batteries

Date posted: 20 June, 2012

We have developed a software application for the automation of the production tests of LiFePO4 batteries. The voltage and internal resistance of the batteries are tested against predefined limits and the test results are logged.

Generic PWM modulator for dSPACE modular system

Date posted: 1 May, 2012

We have succesfully developed a flexible PWM modulator for dSpace modular system. more …