We have an ongoing project to control a stationary paragliding winch by means of a computer. Goal is to assist the winch operator and perfectly control the line tension in a safe way. Normally car engine based winches rely on the slip of the torque converter in the automatic gearbox of a car engine. Modern torque converters aim to have lesser slip to have increased efficiency. For paragliding towing this limited slip is a disadvantage and therefore special measures are needed to overcome this situation.

The concept has already been tested and now we have developed a more sophisticated computer circuitry with logging functionality. The log data will be used to evaluate the control of the engine in various towing circumstances. Based on the data the control behaviour will be refined.

 Endurance test Digital Tension Meter

To perform customer endurance testing of our Digital Tension Meter we have built a classic stationary winch. This winch is operational in New Zealand at Kiwi Air New Zealand.